Life is full of ebbs and flows, especially for us.

We live our lives in our own seasons - unique to us. Within those seasons, there are days when you ride the top of the wave and there are days when you need to go with the tide.

I want a place I can be during all of those days and all of those seasons.

Somewhere I can start my morning or punctuate my day; where I can focus on exactly what I’m doing in that moment; where I can build an unwavering inner confidence; where I can reconnect. I want a familiar place that anchors my familiar routine that will give back to me what I give to it.


After the last few years, being able to arrive and move in a space together is a gift.

We need to step out from behind screens, leave our days at the door and move energy around and out of our bodies together so we can feel and be better.

Through this practice of movement, there will be times where you feel like you need to make a choice of whether or not to stop.

You take a moment to notice and then remember: it’s just one more beat, it’s just one more breath, it’s just one more movement. If you do pause, you make the decision to start again. 

You begin to realize: this movement is a metaphor. I need a space that’s safe for me to practice: to push limits, to set boundaries, to build confidence, to feel proud, to feel relieved that I arrived and I did the thing… so I can bring that into my season.


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